Limitless Service

High Class Transport

State-of-the-art shipment service in all areas!

You can expect a high modern standard of several shipment services upon your demand, individually, customized and across borders.
We load your sensitive cargo in the Netherlands and in Germany in the Niederrhein region and distribute this to all areas of Germany as well as to Austria or Denmark or many other countries.
Once a day we shuttle between the well-known plant auctions located in Germany-Straelen-Herongen, NL-Aalsmeer and NL-Honselerdijk.

As requested and upon prior agreement direct courier trips are also possible at any time.

Based on this, we offer the following services at our logistic centre in Straelen-Herongen (Niederrhein), directly close to the Dutch border:

  • Taking over the goods at the consignor, at the airport or seaport, in Straelen-Herongen or at a location upon prior agreement
  • Taking care of the complete logistic chain, including handling/warehousing
  • Labelling of your carton
  • Preparation and dispatch of your package
  • National and international pick-ups
  • Import procedures, including customer clearance and phytosanitary certificate

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